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Explore the underwater trails during your stay at the Résidence du Bailli!

It’s holiday time at the Résidence du Bailli! The weather is fine and there is flourishing nature and sea with clear and preserved water all around us.


Isn’t this the ideal opportunity to set out and explore the nearby seabed? Should you wish to do so, keep in mind that you have chosen the perfect location. In fact, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez features a wide range of guided tours of underwater trails that are suitable for everyone. From the nearby Domaine du Rayol to the more exotic Giens Peninsula, there are numerous possibilities open to you.

Equipped with your flippers, mask and snorkel, explore the most preserved local underwater trails: anemones, wrecks, Posidonia meadows, rocky drop-offs… You will marvel at the diversity of the marine flora and fauna. The marine treasures are numerous and will surprise you with their unique beauty.

These activities are accessible to everyone and safety is optimal. In fact, as an example, the depths of the Croix-Valmer,underwater trail do not exceed 3 metres. It is the perfect discovery experience for the entire family!

However, please do not forget to ensure the protection of these landscapes during your visit.

After a marine exploration, what could be better than to return to your fully equipped apartment where everyone will have the space to relax! On your sea view balcony or in your cosy lounge, you will love the charm La Résidence du Bailli. Book your stay directly via our website and enjoy the comfort of our amenities as well as our idyllic setting that is suitable for all.

Rayol Beach: Officially Blue Flag certified!

Located only a few meters from the apartments of the Résidence du Bailli, Rayol Beach has received the Blue Flag certification this year.

Blue Flag certification has been granted since 1985 to marinas and towns as a reward for their commitment to protecting the environment, through Teragir, the French Branch of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe. Rayol Beach is one of the 188 French destinations holding this certification!

In order for a destination to be Blue Flag certified, it must fulfil four criteria: environmental education, waste management, water management and overall environmental management.

Staying at the Résidence du Bailli allows you to enjoy a clean environment as well as environmentally responsible swimming! It’s a great way to relax and have fun without damaging the environment, but also a way to educate the young population in the respect of the environment and raise awareness about protecting our planet.

For more information concerning the Blue Flag certification in France and Europe, visit the official website !

La Résidence du Bailli is located in a well-preserved lush green setting, far from any pollution. Surrounded by a diversity of flowers and trees, the Résidence du Bailli offers a true possibility to learn about local flora! Our Blue Flag Rayol Beach awaits you for a relaxing swim under the incomparable Mediterranean sun.

Discover the olives and plants from the Résidence du Bailli.

Have you been dreaming of a moment to relax and enrich your culinary culture? Now’s the time to attend the 22nd Olive Festival at Rayol-Canadel!

From 20 to 22 April 2019, many activities centered on Provençal Traditions will take place: presentation of trades from long-ago, demonstrations, a Provencal market, exhibitions, games, an aioli competition… And a multitude of other things to discover about olives and other local products for young and old! The festivities celebrate the traditions, the culture and the Provencal roots, in your plate, but also with handicrafts in general. Something to delight even the most demanding taste buds as well as the most curious ones! It’s also the perfect occasion to concoct great recipes using local products.

At the same time, you can also take advantage of your stay during the 22nd Olive Festival to discover an exhibition of photos by Anne-Marie Arbefeuille entitled “Savage-Sweet Mediterraneans”. As a herbarium, around fifteen plants which can be found at the Mediterranean Garden will be presented. An activity which combines nature and culture for a family outing, for young and old.

For these two events, rich in flavours and colours, stay at the Résidence du Bailli during the 22nd Olive Festival to enjoy the comfort of a fully equipped apartment near the Domaine du Rayol and the town centre with its many shops. Reserve directly on our website and receive a local product with any reservation for the 22nd Olive Festival and the photography exhibition of the Mediterranean Garden.

Weekends and short stays at the Résidence du Bailli!

Do you want to get away for a weekend and escape from your daily routine? Now, it’s possible!


This offer is just for you: two nights in a fully-equipped and renovated apartment which can accommodate between 2 and 8 people. Some of them have a magnificent view of the sea or the gardens. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, take advantage of free house cleaning after your departure this month!
Spring is on its way, the mimosa is in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to escape from the tumult of daily life and enjoy a moment of total relaxation.
During these two days, a palate of activities is available to you… There are many ideas to enjoy your weekend! There’s something for everyone! Between sports and well-being, you have the possibility of reserving bicycles at the reception desk of the Terrasses du Bailli*** (minimum 24 hours in advance) starting at €15/day, or you can enjoy different well-being treatments. Something to relax you and provide you with a good start to get in shape!

It’s also possible to discover the Var coast by bike via the coastal path which covers nearly 120 kilometers between Saint-Raphaël and Six-Fours.

Le Rayol-Canadel, nestled in a preserved setting, is located at the halfway point on the itinerary of the most beautiful villages in the Var: Gassin, le Lavandou, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Grimaud, Tourtour and Seillans.

So don’t wait any longer, and give in to temptation when you reserve a short stay or a weekend to relax in a unique setting, located in a natural green cirque looking out over the sea and the Golden Islands. Reserve directly on the official website of the Résidence du Bailli and enjoy our 2-night short stays in a fully-equipped apartment which can accommodate from 2 to 8 people.

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Weekend stays possible at The Résidence du Bailli!

You can now book a room for two nights at The Résidence du Bailli, thus enabling you to attend weekend events in a very beautiful modern establishment, on the waterfront, facing the sea.

The much-coveted sea, which will once again offer the possibility of being admired thanks to the Festival International Armen which will take place next March in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. A subtle combination of the sea, art and snow, it is above all a regatta gathering 70 sailboats with a route which begins in St-Tropez and finishes in Cavalaire, only 20 minutes from The Résidence du Bailli. The participants of the regatta will race along the Gulf on modern boats or traditional sailboats. The challenge takes place in two steps and on two weekends: on 9/10 and 16/17 March. As for the snow, the teams will choose two people to defend their colours but this time on skis, for a slalom put into place by Isola 2000 on 15 March 2019 in the mountains, of course. As for art, it will be present with an exhibition of paintings and sculptures in the Salle Despas in Saint-Tropez. It’s in this festive and fun context that you can reserve your weekend rental in one of the 19 apartments of The Résidence du Bailli.

So book your stay at The Résidence du Bailli during the 42nd edition of the Festival ARMEN. With its unique location, in an exceptional setting on the waterfront in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, you will combine an invigorating but relaxing stay with an event full of discovery and activities.

Make sure you go to the website of The Résidence du Bailli to discover our offers adapted to your short or long stays – and why not just for a weekend?

Rental Apartments at the Résidence du Bailli on “Mimosa Road”!

The Résidence du Bailli offers you the opportunity to enjoy a “scented” stay in rental apartments, in the Var, on the “Mimosa Road”, with a touristic itinerary, recommended from January to March.


We propose a touring vacation from Bormes-les-Mimosas to Saint-Tropez, between the blue of the Mediterranean Sea (located just in front of the Résidence du Bailli) and the yellow of the Mimosa. With this in mind, The Résidence du Bailli and its offers of apartements rental is the perfect starting point to discover the many riches of the French Riviera.

For nature and hiking lovers, don’t hesitate to take off into the mountain forests like the Massif de l’Estérel or the Massif du Tanneron. There are also strolls to take in the remarkable Mediterranean Gardens or le Parc Gonzales with its many varieties of plants including over forty mimosas. From the acacia family, mimosas are used for various purposes: sandbanks, wind breaking hedges or simply as cut flowers. Mimosa is also used gastronomically for mimosa lemon jelly, mimosa macaroons or mimosa chocolate marshmallows.

As soon as you arrive at The Résidence du Bailli, you can enjoy all of the comfort of these 19 well equipped, recently renovated, luxury apartments which can accommodate between 2 and 8 people depending on the category chosen. The rental apartment formula offers many advantages including total liberty to allow you to live and share an olfactory experience which will make your senses vibrate to the enticing scent of the mimosas. Ideally located in a protected cove, The Résidence du Bailli also offers the possibility to stroll on the Rayol beach, accessible by stairs located on the garden side across from the Golden Islands.

For more info and to know the programme of activities around Mimosa, go to

End of the Year Stay at the Résidence du Bailli!

For a unique experience, we suggest that you have an end of the year stay at The Résidence du Bailli: take off and discover the Christmas markets and the famous “santon” nativity scene figure fairs in Provence or go to Christmas Mass with its pastoral songs in little village churches.


Everything begins on Saint Barbe day (December 4). It’s the tradition to plant wheat in three small bowls so that they sprout and are planted in the ground through Epiphany. It’s the symbol of prosperity for the season to come. Next the nativity scene is prepared and on 23 and 24, the parish priest is offered “pétouze” (old coins) enabling the celebration of mass. Finally, the shepherds prepare the “pastrage” on the evening of the 24: ceremony where shepherds celebrate the birth of Jesus. The lady of the house must prepare a large dinner, the 13 desserts and the Christmas meal. The family elder is in charge of the “cacho-fio” (placing a large log from a fruit tree in the fire). Preparation of New Year’s Day, then starting on 6 January, the wise men are added to the nativity scene and the delicious Epiphany “King’s Cake” is eaten. The “Calendale” period finishes with “Chandeleur” on 2 February and the preparation of crepes and “navette” biscuits.

To seep yourself in this atmosphere which is full of ancestral traditions, we propose an End of the Year Stay at the Résidence du Bailli. It will allow you to visit the Nativity Scene Round at Gassin or at Garde Freinet, to plunge into the magic of Christmas at Bormes-les-Mimosas, Hyères or to participate in the programme organized at Six Fours.

For your End of the Year Stay at the Résidence du Bailli, celebrate the Christmas holidays from early December through the month of February during the period known as “Calendale”.

7 nights and pay only 5 at the Résidence du Bailli!

Exclusive internet offer – don’t hesitate any longer and come stay at the Résidence du Bailli throughout the year.


The Résidence du Bailli proposes 19 renovated, fully-equipped apartments with all of the necessary amenities, which can sleep between 2 and 8 people for short or long stays.

Our unbeatable offer: you stay 7 nights at the Résidence du Bailli but you only pay for 5 nights. It’s a great deal!

What could be nicer than spending a week on the seaside, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez?

Want a change of scenery? Want to enjoy the mildness of the winter of the French Riviera? Want to get away and provide your family with a place to stay surrounded by nature?
The Résidence du Bailli is for you!

You can choose between many outings on bicycle or on foot along the Var coast. Reminder: the Var has 7 different bicycle paths covering about 120 kilometres.

And yes, it’s possible to do these outdoor activities during the month of December! In addition to sports activities, you can take off and discover many Var villages around Rayol-Canadel with the 7 = 5 Offer at the Résidence du Bailli.

Only 24 kilometres from the Résidence, you can stroll through the heart of the mythical town of Saint-Tropez. It’s the best time of the year to take off and discover this spot and avoid the crowds of the high season.

The village of Bormes-les-Mimosas, located only 16 kilometres from the Résidence, welcomes you with its pedestrian streets, decorated for the end of the year festivities.

So don’t wait any longer and let us seduce you with this magical ambiance…

Take advantage of the late autumn season in the Var at the Résidence du Bailli

Enjoy the magnanimity of the climate of the Riviera, providing sun and heat from early spring through late autumn.

Late autumn in the Var offers a magnificent coastline, allowing you to enjoy its sumptuousness throughout the year.

The Var has several seaside resorts which are very popular in the summer, including Sainte Maxime, Cavalaire sur Mer, the Lavandou, and among the most famous in the country: Saint-Tropez. Not to be forgotten are the peninsula of Giens, the Porquerolles islands and Port Cros not far off shore.

The Résidence du Bailli, located in one of the best preserved coves in the Gulf of Saint Tropez is nestled halfway between the towns of Saint-Tropez and Bormes-les-Mimosas.

The perfect Résidence to enjoy an apartment on the seaside smack in between the major attractions of the Var.

Beach, relaxation, swimming, diving and pleasure boating are possible in the summer…but also walking in the Esterel mountains, near Fréjus, the Varois coast can be a true dream during late autumn.

Other than these activities, the Var department has many exceptional villages to visit preferably in late autumn to avoid the crowds of the high season. They include: the village of Fayence, which hangs on a hillside, between the sea and the mountains, surrounded by Provencal scenery. The village of Grimaud with its two distinct parts: the old medieval village and the lakeside village of Port Grimaud, known as the “little French Venice” or Bormes-les-Mimosas: located across from the Hyères islands. Holiday resort for the European and American Jet Set, Saint-Tropez and its little fishing port and pleasure boating harbor remains a not-to-be-missed destination during a stay in the Var. There are many others to discover…

Some of the “must see” visits of the late autumn: visit the wineries in the vineyards and enjoy the possibility to taste the best vintages in the cellars at La Croix, Minuty, Bertaud Belieu, or Bandol.

Art lovers, the Var offers a large choice of exhibitions in Toulon during late autumn.

The Var landscape during autumn

Do you want to get off the beaten track? Discover the magnificent Var landscape!

An occasional or a seasoned athlete – there’s something for everyone.

As well as visits to the many cities of the Var coast, during the autumn months of September, October and November, there are many ways to discover new sites.

Every year since 1984, the city of Fréjus welcomes, during the month of October, the Roc d’Azur, the largest mountain biking event in the world. Thousands of fans gather every year for this sports event. This extraordinary gathering has become, in just over 20 years, the major showcase mountain biking event.

It has become a not to be missed event for sports lovers, fans or professionals, as well as lovers of the incredible Var landscape, for people of all ages.
Fréjus, Roquebrune-sur-Argens and Sainte Maxime will move to the rythym of Roc d’Azur again this year. For five days, from 10 to 14 October 2018, many activities will be proposed on different sites of the nature base of Fréjus (shows and BMX on ramps with bumps and figures, etc.).

For this occasion, you will need to find accommodation. Forget hotels which are not adapted to your championship organization. What do you think about a residence on the seaside, which has apartments with a view of the sea and can sleep up to 8 people? Fully-equipped and renovated apartments in one of the best-preserved coves of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The Résidence du Bailli welcomes you throughout the year, for short or long stays, in its landscape on the seaside for a change of scenery surrounded by the breathtaking Var landscape.
For hikers, participate in the hiking week from 29 September to 7 October 2018!

During your stay, enjoy walks and hikes, accompanied and free-of-charge, to take off and discover the natural heritage of the Var region with professionals from the area who will share their expertise with you.

Choose among about a hundred outings, through the wooded mountains of the coastal Var path in the Verdon, the Estérel, Sainte-Baume and the Maures, and fall in love with the Var landscape.

These outings are also often the occasion to discover the traditional heritage, including chapels, juniper ovens, mills, menhirs and wells.