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What can you do on a day trip to Porquerolles?

You can marvel at the view of the splendid island of Porquerolles from Rayol beach while spending your holiday at the Résidence du Bailli. And, if the fancy takes you, why not fit in a visit to this national treasure? With its pretty port, historic mill and the Church of Sainte Agathe – not to mention the wild and enchanting beaches – it’s the ideal spot for a memorable jaunt on foot or by bike either for a weekend or a longer trip. What can you do in a day on Porquerolles? Let’s find out what activities lie in store for you!


Ile de Porquerolles: a relaxing day with family excursions

Of the three Iles d’Or you can admire from Rayol beach, Porquerolles is the largest island with the most fun things to do. Everyone agrees: it’s a lush setting surrounded by an azure landscape, where the fauna and flora are a source of delight whether you’re out on a hike or snorkelling and exploring the remarkable seabed. Anyone who loves cycling, mountain biking and rambling – not to mention visits to cultural attractions – will have more than enough to keep them busy: Port Cros Porquerolles National Park boasts totally unforgettable views. Unless, that is, you’d rather delight in the splendours of Provence and treat yourself to a short, relaxing session on one of the island’s heavenly beaches… or enjoy a boat trip out to sea… or learn how to scuba dive. And if you’re someone who likes to combine a bit of art and culture with your excursions, Sainte Agathe fort and the Fondation Carmignac are fascinating sites to include in your plans. What can you do on Porquerolles on a really packed day trip? Make for the Iles d’Or and follow the guide! Remember to book your accommodation at one of the island’s hotels or, better still, rent an apartment with all mod cons at the Résidence du Bailli.


Useful information before you visit Porquerolles

Before thinking about what to do on Porquerolles, let’s take a moment to check out a few practical details. The island and village form an area that has its own unique characteristics. It’s best to have some top tips so you can get the most out of this priceless jewel that is unique in the whole of France.


How much time should you spend on Porquerolles?

You won’t be able to do and see everything on a day trip to Porquerolles – but even so, when you leave, you’ll wave a starry-eyed goodbye. If you’re keen to get the maximum out of your trip, staying at the Résidence du Bailli is the ideal way to visit Porquerolles as often as you like during your holiday on the Côte d’Azur.


How do you get to Porquerolles?

The Vedettes Iles d’Or and Le Corsaire run a service from the port of Le Lavandou in season (April to October).

Make your way to Giens peninsula, south of Hyères, and set sail from Tour Fondue (October to April).

Once you’re on board, keep your eyes peeled: you might spot some dolphins making their way to say hello!

If you’re spending your vacation at the Résidence du Bailli, don’t think twice about getting in touch: we’ll be happy to help organise your crossing.


How do you get around on Porquerolles?

Once you’ve made it to Porquerolles, you can get around on foot (for a pleasant ramble) or by bike (bicycles and mountain bikes are available for rent on site).


Where can you eat on Porquerolles?

Foodies will revel in the region’s finest dishes and specialties on Porquerolles.

Aficionados of Provençal cooking can head for the village, where they can savour seasonal cuisine at the Villa Sainte-Anne. For a typical – and sophisticated – meal, La Pinède and L’Olivier (the restaurants at the Hôtel Le Mas du Langoustier) will welcome you with open arms. If you fancy a good homemade ice cream to cool you down in the middle of summer, you’re in for a treat at Coco Frio. And make for Domaine La Courtade if you’d like to try the best wines produced on Porquerolles. You can take a guided tour of the vineyard when you’ll learn so much about the world of wine.

Don’t forget to book your table in advance!


What can you do on a day trip to Porquerolles?

What can you do on a day trip to Porquerolles? Here are some ideas for things to do on the largest of the Iles d’Or!


The south coast of Porquerolles: Cap d’Arme lighthouse and the Calanque de l’Indienne

The southern half of Porquerolles is the wildest, and is sure to delight nature lovers. If you have the chance to admire the first rays of sun rising over the island, try and enjoy them at the Calanque de l’Indienne, where you can revel in the finest views. Afterwards, make for Cap d’Arme lighthouse, which is also well worth a visit.


Take a dip on Argent beach

If you’re not sure what to do on Porquerolles, the beach is always a great idea! Argent beach is one of the island’s most beautiful, and you can get there by bike from Cap d’Arme in 15 or so minutes – which is perfect if you’re only here for the day. Unwind on the warm sand, take a short stroll along the seashore, or enjoy a spot of snorkelling.


Take a stroll to the western tip of the island: Langoustier peninsula

Head out to the western tip of Porquerolles, where you can feast your eyes on the magnificent white sand of Langoustier beach and Petit Langoustier fort, around half an hour from Argent beach. The viewing point is well worth seeing and you won’t want to miss it if you’re on a visit to the Var and plan a hike on Porquerolles!


Visit Fort Sainte Agathe and the Moulin du Bonheur

If you go to Fort Sainte Agathe, make sure you don’t leave without taking a look inside the building (it’s a fascinating exhibition space) and – most important of all – check out the village of Porquerolles from its arrow slits. The fort’s neighbour, the Moulin du Bonheur, is two minutes away on foot and is also a delight. What’s more, if you like exhibitions, don’t forget to make a detour via the Fondation Carmignac, where you can marvel at a fulsome collection of contemporary art with over 300 œuvres by artists from France and further afield.


Take a walk on Notre Dame beach

Before you leave, make sure you take a stroll along Notre Dame beach – voted Europe’s most beautiful beach in 2015. And why not grab the opportunity for one last swim in the turquoise waters of the lagoon?


Even more ideas!

The port of Porquerolles is also well worth a visit, as is the lovely Church of Sainte Anne. Lose yourself in the lush vegetation in the national park or rent a boat so you can admire the other features of the island.


After this packed day on Porquerolles, it will be time to head back to Giens peninsula or the port of Le Lavandou. For a well-deserved relaxing interlude after wandering around the island on foot or by bike, come and visit our wellness spa at Le Bailli de Suffren hotel and enjoy a fine dinner in the restaurant (in season only; May to October). Alternatively, head back to your cocooning, high-class apartment and recharge your batteries.

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