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End of the Year Stay

For a unique experience, we suggest that you have an end of the year stay at The Résidence du Bailli: take off and discover the Christmas markets and the famous “santon” nativity scene figure fairs in Provence or go to Christmas Mass with its pastoral songs in little village churches.

Everything begins on Saint Barbe day (December 4). It’s the tradition to plant wheat in three small bowls so that they sprout and are planted in the ground through Epiphany. It’s the symbol of prosperity for the season to come. Next the nativity scene is prepared and on 23 and 24, the parish priest is offered “pétouze” (old coins) enabling the celebration of mass. Finally, the shepherds prepare the “pastrage” on the evening of the 24: ceremony where shepherds celebrate the birth of Jesus. The lady of the house must prepare a large dinner, the 13 desserts and the Christmas meal. The family elder is in charge of the “cacho-fio” (placing a large log from a fruit tree in the fire). Preparation of New Year’s Day, then starting on 6 January, the wise men are added to the nativity scene and the delicious Epiphany “King’s Cake” is eaten. The “Calendale” period finishes with “Chandeleur” on 2 February and the preparation of crepes and “navette” biscuits.


To seep yourself in this atmosphere which is full of ancestral traditions, we propose an End of the Year Stay at the Résidence du Bailli. It will allow you to visit the Nativity Scene Round at Gassin or at Garde Freinet, to plunge into the magic of Christmas at Bormes-les-Mimosas, Hyères or to participate in the programme organized at Six Fours.

For your End of the Year Stay at the Résidence du Bailli, celebrate the Christmas holidays from early December through the month of February during the period known as “Calendale”.

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